Friends! These are really strange times. But we`re all sitting in ONE boat and this has a leak which we only can fix TOGETHER.
WE HAVE TO FLATTEN THE CURVE! That`s the most important thing at the moment.
Most of us have to stay at home for the next days, weeks or even months. There`s no other option.
So I thought to contribute my part for it to make this time little bit easier.

Me and lots of great graffiti/street artists from all over the world did a few black/white sketches which you can download and print for free and colouring them by yourself, your kids, your grandma…whoever. I`m gonna upload few new sketches each day from now on during the next 30 days. Just send me some pics, some videos, some stories….and use the hashtag #everybodyboogienow
Would be great to interact a bit and do something TOGETHER.
So download, print, paint and show some love!
Stay safe and don`t panic! Boogie is your friend.

Download here:


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