Roskilde isn`t that classic open air festival – it`s a institution. Since 1972 people celebrate the socalled Orange Week with around 140.000 people close to Copenhagen/Denmark. And the best: the festival is a 100% non-profit-organisation. This means that every proceeds go to charitable donations. Around 25.000 volunteers work there for free. Since a couple of years our friend Lars from Copenhagen created with his crew an amazing graffiti area there which extends to the whole festival area. 10.000 spraycans and an almost unlimited number of walls are waiting for some color by around 100 graffiti artists from all over the world. So every year is a new “happening” with fantastic wall productions and new friendships.

2015 was my first year at Roskilde. My conclusion: fantastic organized mega event in a really familiar atmosphere.

photo credits: Boogie, Martin Haakan & Christian Birkenbaek #rfgraff

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