Quite a while ago I received an invitation to this years Meeting of Styles Hungary in Budapest. Since I’d never been to Budapest before, I was more than happy to accept and plan my journey to the wild land of Hungary with my TAD crewmates TRUBA and BIOS. Approximately 500 meters of colorful wallspace were waiting to be painted from writers from all over Europe. The weather was amazing with 36°C and the vibe was great – even though the heat slowed all of us down a little. But I’ve also heard some rumors, that a couple of other walls around the city got painted during this weekend – maybe at night time, because it was a little cooler outside.

There are tons of reasons to go and visit this great city – especially the center can almost compete with every other hip european major city. So my crewmate BIOS and I took the chance to walk around and visit a local barber shop to get our hipster beards groomed while listening to rap music. Verdict of the expert: definitely something I can recommend to do while in Budapest. But keep in mind: taking pictures and women are not allowed in the barber shop ?

Special thanks go out to the organisers of MOS Hungary with our friend HEAT from Budapest and MOLOTOW for the spontanious and great supply of some extra paint! Always loving that.



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