What a surprise! Really short termed I got an invitation to the Streetfire Festival in the heart of Russia`s capital Moscow. Streetfire is like a huge sports and culture festival with lots of activities and things to watch such like Basketball, Crossfit, Breakdance, Graffiti, DJing or Rap. It`s free and (attention…insider!) because it is on Moscow Day (which is like a holiday there) it never rains on this day. The organizers do a great job and they always try to present an awesome lineup of artist. My friends of the TAD crew got the chance to represent the Russian graffiti scene. On top they invited graff legend Zebster, Kayo (Germany) and Sofles and Selina Miles (Australia). Headliner on stage was Method Man from the legendary WuTang Clan.

On day 1 Sofles, Trun and me painted a completely freestyle team production on a 12m x 4m wall and on day 2 each of us got the same size for a single production. That was work. 😉 Later at nigt Selina, Sofles and me did kind of a spontaneous expedition to the center of Moscow with the Red Square and the famous Basilius Cathedral. Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs. So we couldn`t stroll around that long. All in all a super nice trip into the secret world of the Russians. One of my highligts was definitely the Membership in one of the best Russian graffiti crews TAD. Baaam!!!


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