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Greek Summer

After a few private Ups and Downs during this summer we decided for a ten days trip to hot Greece. Just to escape the daily routine and charge the batteries a bit. Moreover Athens was still one of the European cities I haven`t been before. I heard and saw a lot about but I never made it. And it was a good decision: the Greek capital got everything you need for a great city trip. Great food, amazing accomodatoons and with the Akropolis and lots of museums you will get so so much cultural input.

Also concering graffiti there are only a few cities which are painted so massive like Athens. And guess what is your first thing to do as a graffiti writer in a big city? For sure: you go the the next graff shop. Place to be was the FATCAT SHOP directly in the heart of the city. They have everything you need and on top you will get some useful informations about the local graffiti scene.

But our journey went out of the city down south to the peninsula Peloponnes. Just to relax a bit with food, beach and a book. After a few really nice do-nothing-days I found a nice spot to leave a souvenir. I decided to start painting really early in the morning and so I had the pleasure to watch it for the first time in the warm sunrise on the ocean.

After a excursion to the beautiful island named Spetses our next destination was Nafplio – an old seaport on Peloponnes. Really fast I found a spot to paint. I was not sure about if it is legal or not. But after asking a few people they told me that I should just do it. As long as I don`t do hard damage then everything is good.

From Nafplio the journey continued to the region of Corinth – another beautiful place. Also here it was not the problem to find a place to leave my mark. Close to the ocean and an old train station I found a nice wall for a final piece.

Summarized I can say that it was like on so many other places I have been before: time is running really fast and suddenly you find yourself at the airport on your way back to reality.

My conclusion: Greece –  I love you.