“Goetheschule the Third” was our topic in April 2021. During the last years my partner in crime HOMBRE and me painted a few walls for the GOETHESCHULE RHEINFELDEN – a primary school in the most southern part of Germany and it looks that they like our work. They just gave us some themes like SCHOOL, TEMWORK or MULTICULTURAL to develop a design. This time Hombre was responsible for design and colours and it didnt take long to inspire the principal and we fixed a date to start. After a few days of delay (because of massive snow and rain) we finally shouted out: Team Homboog is back! With a really good support by our friends of MONTANA CANS and the facility manager Mr.Peschel we finished the project within 3 days. And it looks like it makes lots of young and old people smile. See you next time!

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