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History Class in Vukovar

Vukovar – located in the easternmost part of Croatia – a place steeped in history or the former Yugoslavia. The city got notoriety through the Battle of Vukovar between Septembe and November 1991 with around 1400 victims and more than 4000 injured humans only on the side of the defenders. Vukovar was almost completely destroyed after the Yugoslavian War in the 90s and it`s so great to see that the city is growing and filled with more and more life again.
When the inquiry arrived if I would be willing to paint a big wall during the VUKOVART FESTIVAL I didn’t have to think twice. So me and my old crewmate and good friend RAIN (i made him my assistant) started our trip to the former Yugoslavia. After the first lockdown in Germany and Switzerland was halfway done I was honestly pretty happy about my first international trip in 2020. I had no idea that this trip would be the last until mid of 2021. Super strange to see such an empty Zurich Airport and an almost empty plane.
The team of Vukovart gave us a warm welcome and everything was organized really well. Besides us my good friends ARSEK & ERASE also joined Vukovart for a big wall. So we had an amazing time together.
But you know like it is: time flies. Fortunately we planned a few more days to explore the area by bicycle and gave some walls a new design. One big surprise was that a good friend and graffiti enthusiast from Switzerland (who was born and raised in this area) came to visit us for 1 day and 1 night and gave us some really good history lessons. Thank you so so much brother!
All in all a trip I woun`t miss. Selfmade schnapps, super friendly people, graffiti trips at night, shot houses or Croation hoolgan meeting points….I could talk/write for hours.
The former Yugoslavia definitely found a place in my heart and it definitely wasn`t my last trip to the wild Balkan region.