Russia is always worth a trip. This is what I was thinking when I got the invitation to a small but great graffiti event including a group exhbition in Moscow a few months ago. Organized by my friend and Moscow local CHES – I know him since last years TROPICA FESTIVAL – it was time to explore the wild East again. This time I had the chance to see lots more from this awesome city and I just can say: If you ever should get the chance to travel to Moscow you should definitely do it. You won`t regret. In good company with my TAD crewmates and we had a really good time with lots of sightseeing, a tattoo session at the famous BLACKSTAR, funny night trips and lots of trashtalk. Again I had the chance to get to know lots of interesting new people such as the artist DMITRY LEVOCHKIN, who invited us to fantastic Sushi and a Shisha to his studio. And for sure: Graffiti was also a big part of this journey. So the fellas RASKO, BIOS, ZMOGK, TRUBA, CHES and me painted a big production at the area of FLACON – a hip design district close to the heart of Moscow.

Moscow – I`ll be back. До свидания


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