I don`t know why I didn`t made it until now to travel the British metropolis. London was already on my to-do-list since a long time. So it`s alway great to have somebody on your side who knows about you and your dreams. So I was so surprised to get this trip as a birthday gift from the wifey. The deal was simple: 50% design tourism and 50% graff. So it was not that problem to arrange some graff dates. And if you ever spent some time with the british graff legend INKIE you know that you`ll definitely will have a funny but also a very interesting time. Eating, drinking, visiting galleries and for sure: painting. It so happened that we also met FANAKAPAN and he decided spontaneously to join uns. Simply good times. I had also the honour to paint a wall with my good friend DAVE BONZAI in the centre of Shoreditch. That dude – just great! And if you ever should visit London then check out the Community Garden – a kind of an alternative cultural centre in the middle of the superhip and expensive East London!

Alltogether London is a fantastic city that I have to visit again…..as soon as possible.

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