I already knew that Russia was an adventure from last years trip to Moscow. This time my buddy NILKO from the LoveLetters Crew and I got invited to paint at the V1 festival in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. The highlight of this HipHop festival was definitely the breakdance battle BATTLE OF THE GODS between NYC legend & Rocksteady founder CRAZY LEGS and STORM of the BATTLESQUAD from Berlin. It is unbelievable what those guys with an age of 50 or 47 years are still up to. Dem boys got moves. All elements of HipHop were represented at this event with different kinds of battles.

It was our job to paint part of a gigantic mural on the festival ground and represent one part of the HipHop culture. Unfortunately once again the weather was a little wet on the first day so that our time frame got a shorter. With two nightshifts and canceling the tourist part of our trip we managed to kill this 14m high beast of a wall. The white nights in St. Petersburg helped a lot. It just doesn’t get dark there right now. And most of the shops and restaurants around the city are open 24/7 so that we were able to get a burger and drinks at 4 am in the morning.

You should definitely plan enough time for this kind of trips, because St. Petersburg is just too beautiful to not see something from the city. Thanks to TRUN and the V1 Crew for the invitation and to SWET and NILKO for being such a great guys to travel with.



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