This year the Biennale Pratteln is also quite active in the urban art scene for the first time and they are going big right away. Lots of facades are screaming for new color and artists from near by and far away applied for small and big walls to show their artworks and create a colorful hood close to the trainstation of Pratteln. Your friendly can shakers from Team Homboog are more than happy to be part of the Biennale and instead of doing a regular wall, we asked for the biggest one. So we decided for a 370 squaremeters mammoth – the largest we did so far.

Unfortunately there was a quite bad “collateral damage” when we finished around 50% of the wall (I felt from the ladder on the edge of the rooftop and from there trough the tree on the street). Outch! But I tried to be a tuff guy and finished the wall with fuckin much pain in my shoulder. Now – a few weeks later – I`m still unable to work and I had quite a big surgery on my shoulder. So fingers crossed that everything will be allright.

Thanks again to our lovely helping hands Frau K. and SmirOne.


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