Wow, it’s still kinda surreal for me – a couple of weeks ago I was able to check a big point off my personal bucket list when I received my own artist color from my partner MOLOTOW. A big time honour! After „Toast Signal Black“, „Dare Orange“, „Loomit Aubergine“, „MadC Psycho Pink“ or „Swet Traffic Red“ now there is BOOGIE VIOLA in da house.

After some discussions, sleepless nights and crazy bonfire dances in the woods, I decided to pick a color which relates to my roots. And to me this definitely means: the most beautiful region of Ore Mountains where I grew up. For sure I could have picked a fresh forest green or a chrystal meth white, but I decided to go with something fancy. Since my early childhood my dad took my to the soccer stadium of our local team which is FC ERZGEBIRGE AUE aka The Violas and so my choice was made – VIOLA is going to be my color. That’s it and this decision feels damn right. Almost 15 years ago I left the region where I grew up, but this is my dedication to the place where I started with graffiti and that will always have a big place in my heart. Getting a little sentimental and cheesy here.
And you guys are also a part of me being able to do what I love today – thank you for your support! Work hard – play harder!

Boogie Viola is now available worldwide at your local MOLOTOW dealer of trust.

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