I thought it would be fun to share some random – not always too serious – facts about graff in Ecuador:

1. The local brand of cans is Evans. They are quite a steal for $2 a can, but be aware that black doesn’t necessarily cover yellow. So investing in two extra black is always a good advice. You never know.

2. If interested in illegal action bring $100 with you – this is what they told me will make each cop a happy one and you can travel on as a happy tourist. But don’t give them all the money at once. Try with 50 bucks first. Haha.

3. A police car passing does not mean that they’ll really care about what you are up to. The locals will tell you when it’s really time to leave.

4. Learn some spanish. Just to be a nice graff tourist – everybody will appreciate that.

5. Wear waterproof clothing, because first of all some old ladies try to chase away those bombing guys with a full bucket of water from above. Also it is raining quite often all of a sudden in Quito.

6. Going out with those kiddos as a senior graff writer will show you that you can definitely finish a bombing even if you have to come back for the fifth time after a couple of beers and cigarrettes.

7.Graff wife’s advice: if your stomache is quite sensible, try not to be to fancy with your food choices.

8.Graff writers advice: if you want an extra day of painting, convince your lady to have some street food. Plan for some painting time the next day.

9. Just be aware that it’ll always be different than you might think.




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