Boogie Down Berlin

Berlin is definitely one of the or probably THE graffiti capital of Europe. This city is always in motion and a meltingpot of the international graffiti-, streetart- and art-scene. Since 2018 Berlin got it`s own Muralfestival. Mostly the big walls of these festivals are reserved for character painters or street artists cause this stuff seems to be more compatible to the public. Guys like me, who work with letters are playing mostly the second fiddle in this orchestra cause almost nobody can imagine a huge “classic” graffiti on this wall. And this is the status I want to change. I want to show that also an oversized style can work in the urban surroundings very well. So I was really happy to get the invitations to the Berlin Muralfest 2019. The guys gave me the option to do just my thing – and this in a really amazing artist lineup between SMUG, MAD C, ARYZ , PICHIAVO or OKUDA. 34 meters height and 12 meters width sounds like fun but also like lots of planning cause I won`t gamble this chance away. With my good friend Ronald aka DoctorYO I found the best assistant I could get. We studied and lived together for around 5 years and he was always a really honest, hard working and loyal homie.

After 10 days in Russia there was almost nothing which could shock me in case of planning, waiting or other issues. As more I appreciate it if it seems that everything works by itself. Sometimes I really like the German menthality.

My partner Molotow sent me my favourite sprays and the Dixons helped me to find the right amount of buffpaint cause sometimes it`s really hard to assess how much you need for a really rough surface. Also a big THANK YOU to my friends of Graco Berlin who helped me with lots of knowhow.

At all I planned around 5 days for my big wall and I really needed this time. Just to fill all these big spaces with rollerpaint is just hard work. Even better if you can unpack your spraycans and do your thing with the fatcap.

The inhabitants of Berlin Marzahn seemed to like what we werde doing there and told us that they really appreciate it that we bring some color into their neighbourhood.

But I also wanted to paint something beside the Muralfest. So I met my friend SamyDeluxe and Berlin graff newcomer Honey to paint a wall together on a legal wall in Berlin Lichtenberg. What a nice day!

Last but not least my friends of the Spanish duo Pichiavo asked me if I want to do some throwies and be part of their mural. What a pleasure!

After doing the final cuts on my big wall we went to a small afterparty together with all the guys of Berlin Muralfest and then back home. Cause there was one more job to do and after this: Southafrica was calling!

Big THANK YOU again to the Dixons and their team for this amazing time in Boogie Down Berlin!


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