BMW to the fullest

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a car fanatic. I grew up in the village and at the latest when I switched from secondary school to grammar school in the next larger town, I was actually dependent on a driver’s license and my own vehicle. The connection to my new school by public transport was rather sub-optimal, so I quickly got on a moped.
My older brother – a gifted master in mechanic, an inventor and hobbyist – taught me to drive at a young age. I was already allowed to steer his 150 ETZ (East Germany motorbike) through the Ore Mountains when I was 13 – with him as a passenger. So over the years I’ve developed a certain affinity for vehicles, even if I’m not a technician. But I’ve always been interested in design, performance and in general the development of the automotive industry with all its facets.
When the vehicle I had at the time died in 2021, I thought I had to take matters into my own hands. So I went with Thom (my manager) to meet Nicolao – the manager of the BMW Group Brand Experience Center in Dielsdorf near Zurich.
I have always found the BMW brand incredibly exciting because, for me personally, it embodies the perfect combination of tradition, quality, zeitgeist and visionary thinking. Since I was already able to realize two projects for BMW and MINI in the past, we quickly had a connection and exchanged ideas about possible synergies and cooperations and after almost a year it was clear: Boogie will become a brand ambassador for BMW Switzerland for at least 1 year. What an honor!

The first project on the program was the big streaming show VISIONARY DREAMS – a spectacle with 80,000 viewers, live music, discussions, exciting competitions and of course a pinch of boogie. On the one hand, an artwork designed by me was raffled off during the show. On the other hand, I helped a few kids during the show to put the car of the future on paper according to their ideas. The best drawings were finally produced and colored by me as 3D prints. Some other projects will follow and are already simmering away. So you can be curious.
All in all, I am really super happy with this cooperation. Great brand, great team and super keen to deliver.

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