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Traveling Bali

Even though I only spent just under 2 weeks in the greater Canggu area of Bali, I was once again able to gather some very lasting and, above all, beautiful impressions. I can therefore recommend a stop in Bali to anyone who is even vaguely considering a trip to South Asia.

Canggu has been considered a hip hotspot with an easy-going mentality, incredibly good and healthy food and lots of surf spots for around 5 years. No annoying drunken party tourists and no package tourists, but a healthy mix of locals and newcomers, vagabonds, surfers, partygoers and hipsters. Actually a really pleasant mixture.

In addition, Canggu is increasingly becoming the graffiti and street art center of the island thanks to the Tropica Festival. Especially the
1UP boys
have left a lasting impression here in recent years.

If you want to surf, you can do so at one of the many easy spots (Berawa, Old Mans or Echo Beach). However, for greenhorns (like me;) it is definitely advisable to shell out a few bucks for a coach, because surfing is really fantastic once you feel how the wave carries you. But it’s also soooo damn hard to keep paddling, paddling, paddling and feeling and tasting the power of the water. After 2 hours, me and my lovely companion were also out of breath and we lay on the shore like beached whales. Satisfied but simply flat. In these moments, it is advisable to stop off at one of the countless restaurants and simply eat something healthy and fresh. Clear recommendation for this: the
or the
. Here you’ll find the best coffee, smoothies, bowls and much more.

Speaking of bowls: there are also a few skate bowls in Canggu. The
or the
are just two of them. Here you’ll find drinks and a great atmosphere for partying or just hanging out.

For the equivalent of less than €10, you are really spoiled. If you want something more local, you can get fried, roasted, dried or cooked food at one of the warungs around the clock for a really small price. Here you rarely pay more than €1 to €2.

But sightseeing in Bali also makes sense in any case. Rent a scooter for around €3/day (WITH HELMET!) and you can easily reach any spot – even if you don’t do your lungs any favors during rush hour and have to have “balls of steel” in many situations to keep up with the local traffic. The rice terraces, the countless Hindu temples along the coast, the hidden little beaches – there is so much to discover. If you like surfing, you should just hang out for an hour with a drink at Bluepoint Beach and watch the boys and girls giving each other tube after tube. The small town of Ubud is not under-visited by tourists but is definitely worth a visit. Touring tip here:
– 3 oversized swings between palm trees above a huge jungle valley. Costs money but is great fun.

If you are looking for a really good tattoo studio, the
in Canggu is the best place to go. Super clean and friendly – my friend also works
works there and he is a really gifted and warm artist.

And for all graff enthusiasts: there are graffiti stores in every major city in Bali and the locals are really super friendly. However, this advantage should not be trampled underfoot. In other words, simply ask beforehand and respect a rejection. Experience has shown that people don’t really like graffiti near temples. In the end, however, everyone loves it when you beautify the surroundings a little.

A good and above all inexpensive place to stay is the
. Located 5 minutes by scooter from the hustle and bustle of Canggu in the middle of a rice field, the hotel offers clean rooms, a fantastic pool and friendly staff.

So: let’s get there!