In April the time had finally come and I found a new, reliable partner in ABT Automobile – the largest BMW dealership in northwestern Switzerland. For the time being, we have agreed on a two-year partnership in which I can act as the company’s brand ambassador.

Our first joint project was not long in coming either, because I had the honor of designing a complete side surface of the venerable Basel tram. Topic: BASEL – WE LOVE YOU! The time window was very small (I had exactly 2 days and 2 nights) and so I decided to activate my good friend and fellow artist Doctor Yo from Berlin. We have already realized some larger projects together and I know for sure that I can rely on him 100%. In mid-April the time had finally come, the draft was ready and we could start. Due to the regulations in passenger transport, it was of course not possible to paint over the panes. However, there are also good solutions for such small problems. So we decided that the company Moving Media from Basel foiled all non-sprayable surfaces with translucent perforated fleece, on which parts of the design were printed. We were able to work on all other surfaces with our tool – the spray can. In the end, probably the best and safest solution to achieve a respectable result. Thanks again to BVB, Moving Media, Abt Automobile, The Sarhan Company and Ainiac Entertainment for the great teamwork. The feedback was sensational and we gave Basel a little eye-catcher – if only for two months.

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