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Getting closer with Formula 1

“In my career as a graffiti artist, I’ve had the opportunity to work on various objects. Whether it’s a wall, skateboard, surfboard, car, or train – there are virtually no limits. But when an unexpected request came in just before Christmas asking me about my interest in Formula 1, I knew immediately that I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. A few days later, I had my first (very nice and constructive) meeting at SAUBER MOTORSPORTS in Hinwil, Switzerland. The timeframe was tight as always, and it was up to me to develop a vision or concept for designing an ART CAR for the ALFA ROMEO F1 Team within a few days. Alongside artistic freedom, there are many factors that can’t be overlooked in such a job, as the idea should be quickly understandable and sustainable. I decided to adorn the front two-thirds of the vehicle with a pattern of letters – of course, in the Alfa Romeo colorway. Upon closer inspection, one can see that the letter combinations always form the brand name or the names of the main partners of the racing team. This conveys a clear message: Each letter represents a member of the team, who is important as an individual, but together they form a strong unit. The idea seemed to resonate with the client, and suddenly, in mid-January, I found myself in a garage – equipped with two heaters and a Formula 1 car waiting to be adorned by me. But as with cosmetics, before something new is applied, the surface must be treated: So, first, a day of taping, taping, taping. Then, sanding as much as possible and thoroughly cleaning the surface. A big thanks to my partner in crime, Roy, who not only served as my photographer/videographer but also proved to be a jack-of-all-trades as always, providing practical assistance and a wealth of knowledge. The long and cold days turned into more of a happening, where the effort we put in almost became secondary: we wanted to finally see the finished result and present the car to the public. After six days, the time had finally come, and we were able to roll our baby into the neighboring hall for a small photoshoot before the vehicle was loaded. The first tour stop was the PARTNERS CONFERENCE at the Waldhaus Flims, where all partners and sponsors gathered to kick off the new season and to present the finished Art Car with a small live painting (I had left some space on one side). Over the next few months, the vehicle will be traveling to various events around the world, giving fans the opportunity to get even closer to their passion. #GetCloser indeed. Thanks again to the entire Sauber team for their courage and trust, and of course to Thom from AINIAC for the fantastic management.”