THE MOLOTOW TRAIN /// feat. Mr.Cenz (UK)/ Taste /USA)/ Boogie

The German Spraypaint company MOLOTOW celebrated their 20th anniversary last year. So they decided to organize a little GetTogether themed “Molotow & Friends” at the headquarters in Lahr/Black Forrest (Germany) and invited a bunch of graff artists from all over such as  Geser (USA), Kaisy (SK), Omsk (D), Soten (DK), Slider (D), Cenz (UK), Taste (USA) and me. Beside some product tests, preparing artworks on paper and canvas and lots of really good food we had the chance to hit the “blue monster” again. While Kaisy, Slider and Geser painted an E2E (a piece on a train which is as long as the car but just covers the space under the windows). Cenz, Taste and me decided to do a full color Wholecar. After a few coffee breaks and a jump in the pool we finished the train in the late afternoon without any rush. Again I had an amazing weekend in the Black Forest with lots of graff, really nice people and tons of motivation for the future. Thank you for having me!

A book about the whole Molotow & Friends story is in the making and will be published this year.