The H&M Tram

In 2014 advertising agency Franz&Rene asked if I was interested in painting a tram train waggon für H&M which was supposed to be running through the whole of Basel / Switzerland for about one month. My first thought was that they wanted me to paint some kind of advertisement on the waggon, but it was different. Lucky me. They’ve invited 4 artists from Switzerland and each of us was supposed to create a concept for one waggon. The briefing was awesome, because the only thing which was supposed to be part of the artwork was the word „HOME“, because they were about to open the second H&M Home store in Switzerland.
In the end we had exactly on day to paint an end to end at the tram Yard – legally with food, music and a great time.

HERE at the official project site are some more pictures and informations.


TramBasel Action1TramBasel Action2