Moscow Streetfire

I had the honour to be invited at this years Streetfire Festival in Moscow/Russia. Together with SOFLES from Australia and TRUN from Saint Petersburg we`ve painted a little dedication to that impressive city on day one. Then was Ego time and each one painted a 12m x 3m wall. Unfortunately not the best weather but such a great time with all those nice guys like Selina Miles, Zebster, Kayo, Retro, Bio, Truba, Wert159 or Zmock just to name a few. Especially because now I have the pleasure to be member of that incredible TAD Crew – a collective of real talented writers from Russia, Ukraine and Hongkong. Let`s rock!

MoscowCrew streetfire Moscow boogie sml tad streetfire_web moscow streetfire atwork  moscow basilius cathedral Metro Moscow streetfre