MILLERNTORGALLERY /// Hamburg (Germany 2016)

Last week the 6th edition of MILLERNTOR GALLERY took place in one of my favorite german cities Hamburg. An international festival of art, music & culture presented by Viva con Augua and FC St. Pauli. And traditionally it also took place at the Millerntor soccer stadium of this great club. Viva con Agua is an international network of people who support the idea of clean water for everybody no matter where. So almost all proceeds of the festival support this cause. Through the work of Viva von Agua the conditions of living of at least 500.000 people world wide have been improved in a sustainable way. So it was even an bigger honor to be part of this festival. Doing good feels good! You should try.
I spontaneously decided to bring my lil 10 year old nephew with me on that trip to shorten his summer holidays a little. So we drove north together – he had some action with uncle Boogie and I finally had an assistant helping me out. I can just say that it was an awesome event those guys have been making happen. Keep on fighting for clean water! Just hoping that I’ll be able to be back for MTG2017 – this time for a longer stay than just 3 days to enjoy some of them parties.