KOLLY GALLERY /// Zürich (Switzerland)

I met Julien Kolly quite a while ago – his KOLLY GALLERY in Zurich’s Seefeld hood is meanwhile established as one of the “really good” Graffiti & Street Art Galleries. So when Julien asked me last year if I’d be interested to have a PopUp Show, I got quite excited about the idea. But first of all my brain had to switch from wall mode to canvas. From April 13th to 22nd I was able to show mostly new artworks of mine on canvas, paper or old DDR traffic mirrors. A big shout out goes out to my helpers who hung the exhibition and saved my a**, because my shoulder is still taking a timeout. And by the way – it’s pretty damn cool to see your artworks in such a white room – so fresh and so clean. Thank you to everybody who came by and had a look at my work.