I had 2 absolutely amazing weeks with my lady in Ecuador. And like it always is I had to leave my name there. Especially Quito has a quite big graffiti scene and the kids go bombing everywhere. The big painting brands are expensive and so most of the writers use the local brands or buff paint.

I had the plesure to meet up with the supernice guys of PostMortem Graffitistore to hit some walls with them and some days later with Quito`s finest APITATAN – a really talented character painter.

Unfortunately our travel took a very sadly ending cause a massive earthquake (7.8) happened to the region. While we were sitting in the plane ready to start we felt these really bad hit and were the last plane which left Guayaquil – a city at the coast – with a 2 hours delay. After the start they closed the airport.

My best wishes to the people there, their families and our new friends in that beautiful country.

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