Boys from the Wood

As you know I was growing up in the Ore Mountains in Eastern Germany. It´s a traditional region and lots of people know it as the CHRISTMAS LAND. Tradition and traditional arts are really important there – you know the famous nutcrackers and incent smokers? They´re from there.


Around 3 years ago I had the idea to create my own incent smokers and nutcrackers. Still in a traditional shape but with a funky look. All of them are handmade of german wood, handpainted an unique.

Check out the Teaser for the wintershow in Chemnitz/Germany:


Check out for more.


#08 RONNY - Das Kamser Original. Bekannt wie ein bunter Hund. #09 BERND - Der Tourist - immer auf der Pirsch #14 NATE - Der Rapper. Money, Hoes & G-Funk #12 MICHI - Der Basketballer. MJ23 ist sein Vorbild. #13 TOBI - Die Arzgebirgische Süssgusch. Kennt die letzten Winkel seiner Heimat. #18 HENNE - Der harte Hund. Huppt alles. #21 DOC STYLE - Der Anzugträger. It´s nice to be important, but it´s more important to be nice. #20 MR.PINK - Der Pimplegionär. Hustle harder! #26 TINO - Der Arzgebirgische Draufgänger. Nur Mut zum Risiko. boogie-boysfromthewood-1 Boogie-boysfromthewood-2 Boogie-boysfromthewood-3 Boogie-boysfromthewood-4 Boogie-boysfromthewood-5 Boogie-boysfromthewood-6 boysfromthewood-boogie-covershot