It’s pretty hard to believe, but I just started the fifth decade of my life as my dad pointed out to me just a couple of times. To celebrate the big Fourty my lovely FrauK. and the best brother one could ask for came around the corner with quite the best surprise ever: a printed book with walls, sketches and wishes for my birthday from all over the world. We are talking about crew members, family, friends and other writers or legends from this amazing planet. I wasn’t able to find the right words for a while – and the ones that might know me a little know that this is something that doesn’t happen very often. A huge THANK YOU to everybody involved – I am more than honored and I do get quite emotional about it.

As I wanna let everybody have the chance to know what this masterpiece is about, I am going to show you the graff part right here, but keeping the private things private. Your very special “FOURTY YEARS OF BOOGIE” sneak peak.